Welcome to Oiso !!


We are Non Profit Organization Oiso Guide Association. 

Won’t you experience JAPAN in Oiso? 

Here is Oiso Town, you can enjoy its nature and history. 

You can also experience Haiku, a spirit of Japanese tea ceremony and gourmet for fresh seafood. 

Oiso is located in the part of Shonan area, a representative famous resort in Japan. 

It has a population of 32thousand, the blue ocean and greenery environment. 

It also has many historical sites dating back to the ancient, medieval and modern 

period. At the end of 19th century, a German doctor, Erwin von Baelz visited and 

found this place Shonanas a resort. The first Japanese bathing sea was opened 

here in Oiso. Since then, Oiso has been loved by many celebreties including the first 

prime minister and VIP’s in the cultural, political and financial world.



Volunteers give you tours ! 


 Let’s experience traditional Japanese festivals. 

KOONO-MACHI   a Shinto ceremony festival 

SAGICHO         a national designated important intangible folk cultural asset 

OFUNE-MATSURI   a shipping boat festival 

 Let’s visit a mansion of a renowned Japanese prime minister Former Yoshida Shigeru Residence.

 Let’s learn Japanese history. 

OISO-JUKU and TOKAIDO HIGHWAY    historical sites dating back to 17c. 

SAWADA MIKI KINENKAN       a memorial museum with the relics of hidden Christians 

Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples 

Let’s experience HAIKU. 

SHIGITATSU-AN      one of 3 major training centers of poetry in Japan

Let’s experience Japanese tea ceremony 

JOZAN-AN in Oiso Joyama Park     a traditional tea house 

Let’s enjoy nature 

KOMAYAMA      a hiking to a mountain 

Let’s enjoy arts and gourmet 

MESHIYA Oiso    the restaurant which can eat freshly caught fish. 



Tour Price 


Guiding around the town

Adult:      500yen 

Junior high school student or younger    0 yen

 Tour to Oiso Joyama Municipal Park 

Former Yoshida Residence 

Adult      200yen 

Junior high school student or younger    0 yen

REMARKS: If you want to go inside the house, extra additional fee will be required. 

Former Mitsui Residence 

Adult      100yen 

Junior high school student or younger    0 yen 


Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about to the tour guide. 

We are glad to advise you for tour plan or itinerary if you need. 

Several English or Chinese speaking volunteer staffs are available. 

Both individual and groups are welcome. 



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